Residents near Victoria Street South are advised that CIMA+ will be in the area for the next several weeks to gather information to support the design of infrastructure improvements (road and underground servicing). The survey area includes Victoria Street South from 50 meters south of Trafalgar Street to Ridout Street.

Please note that during these upcoming activities, surveyors from CIMA+ may briefly enter onto the portion of your property fronting Victoria Street South to survey the location and elevation of key features such as trees, property bars, driveways, walkways, gardens and water shut offs. They may also survey the elevation of door sills or basement windowsills to help with future design work related to the depth of sanitary sewers.


This information will be used to help ensure that the design process accurately considers the slopes and grades of your property for drainage as well as the location of walkways and driveways that connect to the municipal roads and sidewalks.

The work being completed will include:

  • Topographic survey of the road allowance and the front yards of properties along Victoria Street South by CIMA+
  • Inventory and assessment of trees within the public right-of-way and adjacent trees on private property by CIMA+
  • Drilling of boreholes along Victoria Street South (within the road right-of-way) to determine underlying soil conditions by Redstone Engineering Inc.
  • Locating and marking of existing municipal and private utilities within the road allowance by 4Sight Utility Engineers

Project and timeline

Victoria Street currently services the Municipality as a semi-urban roadway. The reconstruction project will include the minor widening, urbanization and rehabilitation of Victoria Street addressing elements such as pedestrian and cycling facilities, storm sewer, watermain, and localized sections of sanitary sewer. The design portion of the project will begin in the spring of 2021 and conclude in the winter of 2021. Construction date of the project will be determined, pending future budget approvals.

Future input

There will be additional notices with details of future Public Information Centers and other opportunities to provide input for the project as it progresses forward through the design process.

Contact information

Should you have any questions or concerns related to the survey work described above, please contact Works and Engineering staff at 905-885-2431 or by email.