The sanitary sewer and water infrastructure under Walton Street is aging and requires replacement to ensure continued servicing to the downtown. To accommodate new sewers, watermains, and building services, most of Walton Street will need to be dug up, meaning many sections of sidewalk and curb will also need to be removed and replaced.

The need to replace the aging underground infrastructure, while challenging, creates opportunities for roadway reconstruction and streetscape improvements. There are street design elements to consider, such as larger pedestrian walkways, additional tree plantings, on-street parking considerations, and more.

Now’s the time to share your feedback for this major project that will impact the whole community. The comment period has been re-opened with a new comment form and additional information for you to consider.

Visit the Walton Street Reconstruction project page, review the materials and fill out the online form. It’s your Walton Street – share your voice!