Parks, Recreation & Culture Advisory Committee


Chair: Ted Garrett
Secretary: Mandy Burnett
Staff Rep.: J. McCormack, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture - 905.885.8760
Council Rep.:  Councillor Wendy Meadows

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Advisory Committee meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., Joint Operations Centre.

Terms of Reference

Mission Statement

To provide support and advice to Council, applicable Staff and other associated Advisory Committees relative to enhancing the quality of life for Port Hope residents through a wide range of innovative, inclusive, and accessible programming, providing opportunities for physical activity, social interaction and community engagement.

Vision Statement

To support community and individual well being through a collaborative delivery system comprised of sustainable parks, recreation and culture opportunities.


  1. Members of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee and it's working groups value:
    1. respect for civic mindedness;
    2. the preservation and celebration of existing resources;
    3. respect for diversity of all kinds, and
    4. the significant base of experience in the residents of the Municipality of Port Hope
  2. Parks, Recreation and Culture services and programs play a key role in building a community that is strong, vibrant and healthy.
  3. All residents must have affordable and convenient opportunities to participate in the leisure services of the community.
  4. The Municipal Council must play a leadership role in ensuring a community that draws on it's strength of sustainable parks, recreation and culture.
  5. The Leisure Services Master Plan is intended to guide future decision-making by staff, Council, and leisure partners through recommendations related to policies, service areas, and provision targets to 2020.

Policy and Planning

The Committee shall assist staff in the development and implementation of long range parks recreation and culture services in accordance with the Leisure Services Master Plan.

The Committee shall review potential capital projects and long range capital plans for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture.

Community Development

  1. The Committee shall assist with the development of new and innovative programs and services that positively affect the operation of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture. These could include, but are not limited to: recreation infrastructure, access by all, use of community facilities, park acquisition and development, trail and waterfront development, maintenance standards, cultural planning/mapping, promotion and marketing and volunteer development.
  2. The Committee will advocate the benefits of parks, recreation and culture services to residents of the Municipality. The advocacy will be based on the social, economic, personal and environmental benefits.
  3. The Committee shall liaise with the broader community to provide input and advice relating to provision of parks, recreation and culture opportunities and services. This assistance may also include developing and nurturing of new partnerships and collaborations.
  4. The Committee will host public meetings and consult with the community at large on major park , trails and facility developments
  5. The Committee shall assist with the active promotion of the parks, recreation and culture services of the Municipality
  6. The Committee shall develop opportunities for volunteerism through supporting of projects and services related to Parks, Recreation and Culture
  7. The Committee shall encourage a broad variety of services that reflect the dynamic nature of parks, recreation and culture
  8. The Committee shall proactively research and provide recommendations for present and future program needs in the Municipality
  9. The Committee shall ensure programs include the principles and philosophies associated with:
    1. Healthy child development and the principles of HIGH FIVE®
    2. Chronic disease and injury prevention (e.g. obesity, heart disease, etc.)
    3. Being a "Youth Friendly Community"