Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Update

print-logo May 26, 2020

Residents are advised that a tree on Lakeshore Road will be removed today (May 26), as part of the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project. This tree was identified as being in poor condition and deemed hazardous to public safety. It was not removed during the original tree removal dates due to the proximity of hydro lines to the tree. As such, Hydro personnel will be onsite during this tree removal, which is a project requirement.

There will also be a biologist on site to review the tree to ensure that no migratory bird nests are within the tree or will be disturbed by the removal.

The Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project is an undertaking that is a critical expansion and one that will have a significant impact on the ability for residents to safely walk on a sidewalk rather than on the side of the road. This has long been a request advocated by many residents over time.

This project is a large undertaking and includes the replacement of the existing watermain and sanitary sewer, the installation of a new storm sewer to improve drainage, and new asphalt and curb. It should be noted that this Project is not specifically related to the Penryn Mason Homes development.

The public consultation process for this Project began in 2018, which included two public meetings and a publicly attended site walk with an arborist to review every tree. Based on public feedback, the design was amended to install sidewalk on only one side, and the alignment was shifted to prevent the removal of as many trees as possible. During this process, there were also trees that were identified as being in poor condition and deemed hazardous to public safety.

Approximately nine trees were identified for removal to advance the Project, and of those, four have been removed due to poor condition and in the interest of public safety. To compensate for the tree loss, 7 large deciduous trees, 19 medium deciduous trees, 9 small deciduous trees, as well as 80 perennials will be planted as part of the project.

Council and staff recognize  the importance of trees in our community. From the outset, they have ensured that community engagement and consultation with industry experts has been incorporated into the final design and plans for the Lakeshore reconstruction.

Questions about this project may be directed to