Water and Wastewater

Residents are invited to participate in the water and wastewater rate study public consultation, now available at myporthope.ca.

The study is an update to one that was conducted in 2014 and aligns with the current Strategic Plan priority to implement a water and wastewater utilities 10-year financial plan. 

The study has been conducted so that the Municipality can: 

  • Update water and wastewater service demand assumptions based on analysis of historical consumption and recent trends
  • Estimate future consumption levels
  • Identify all current and future water and wastewater system capital (i.e. infrastructure) needs to assess the immediate and longer-term implications and build a capital program for the future
  • Identify potential methods of cost recovery from the capital needs list
  • Forecast annual operating costs and rate-based funding requirements
  • Provide an impact assessment on the rate payers and develop a long-term water and wastewater rate forecast

Council and staff are seeking your feedback on the rate study and your water and wastewater services in the Municipality of Port Hope. Contact us for questions.