Puppies in a field in Port Hope
Kennel Licences

Learn about kennel licence requirements in Port Hope

Cameras on a street
Filming in Port Hope

Learn more about casting Port Hope in your next production

Tents set up in Port Hope
Hawkers and Peddlers

Hawkers and peddlers require a licence to operate in Port Hope

Bed and Breakfast sign hanging in trees
Bed and Breakfast Licences

Learn more about our Bed & Breakfast licences

Coffee truck serving coffee
Refreshment Vehicle Licences

Learn more about our refreshment vehicle licence

Taxi cab light
Taxi and Limousine Licences

Learn more about our Taxi and Limo licencing process

Sign for Bed and Breakfast
Sign and Patio Permits

Learn more about our sign and outdoor patio permit process

Image of bartender pouring drink
Liquor Licences

Learn more about obtaining a liquor licence for businesses