family holding hands walking along a sandy beach on a summer day

The Municipality of Port Hope hosts two main public beaches. Our East and West beaches are fantastic places to unwind. These beaches provide a quiet place to take a dip or enjoy a sunset. Playgrounds and picnic areas are available close by. Water readings are completed seasonally on a weekly basis and are made available by the HKPR Health Unit.

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East Beach in Port Hope
East Beach

The East Beach is located at Mill Street South and Madison Street. This beach has a sandy bottom for swimming and also has a playground. Public washrooms are available at the nearby Marina building (May-October). Access to the Waterfront Trail is available from the East Beach.

West beach in Port Hope
West Beach

The West Beach is located on Marsh Street. This beach is a mix of sand and rocky shore and is very natural in state. The West Beach has a playground and portable washroom.

Caldwell beach and waterfront trail
Caldwell Street Beach

This beach is located to the east-end of East Beach on Lake Ontario and has a sandy bottom for swimming with trail access to the Waterfront Trail

Beach icon - openBeach rules and safety protocols

Beaches may close at any time if rules and safety protocols are not being followed.

Our beaches are open 7 days a week

Hours are 7 a.m until 11 p.m. They open on the first Monday in May (weather permitting) and close the first Monday in October.  Use of beaches prior to the opening date is at your own risk.

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Abide by current provincial outdoor gathering limits

Icon of two people with space between themselves

Maintain physical distance of 2-metres from others, including pass through trail access

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Do not enter if you suspect you have COVID-19 or if you have any of the known symptoms

Washroom icon
Washrooms are open daily. Marina: May through to October

Lifeguard iconNo lifeguard on duty - Swim at your own risk Lifejackets are recommended for boating 

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No littering - Please keep our beaches safe and clean

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Smoking, alcohol, BBQs, and tents are prohibited on the beach 

Fire icon

Camp fires are not allowed

Dogs must remain on a leash at all times.

Our safety protocols are in place for the protection and wellbeing of all. Thank you for your cooperation.